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Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Tržaška cesta 25
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Head of the group: prof. Gregor Dolinar
Telephone: +386 1 476 83 09
Fax: +386 1 426 46 30

The members of Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (LUMS) carry out educational activities within basic mathematical subjects in both undergraduate and graduate study programs offered by Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana.

Research areas

The laboratory members conduct research in the following fields of mathematics:
  • Mathematical modeling and simulations of real problems and processes (in science and technology).
  • Numerical methods in science and technology (eg finite differences and finite elements).
  • Statistical data processing.
  • Statistical methods for planning, monitoring and checking the quality of products and the production process.
  • Development of strategies for solving (interdisciplinary) authentic problems and learning through inquiry.
  • Development of critical, logical and algorithmic thinking.
  • Algebraic structures and operators.


The two primary scopes of Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Statistics are the transfer of knowledge into practice and the solution of problems arising in other fields of research using mathematical tools and methods. The laboratory has been collaborating with several research groups within Faculty of Electrical Engineering (e.g., Laboratory of Biophysics, Laboratory of Artificial Perception, Systems, and Cybernetics, Laboratory for Bioelectromagnetics, Laboratory of Energy Policy) as well as with other reasearch institutions (e.g., Laboratory for Mathematical Methods in Computer and Information Science within Faculty of Computer and Information Science at University of Ljubljana, Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, Jožef Stefan Institute).

With the aim to transfer knowledge into practice the laboratory endeavors to cooperate with industry.
In the last few years, its members have been integrated into applied projects with companies
  • Seaway Group, d. o. o.,
  • Uradni list RS, d. o. o.,
  • Peracto, d. o. o.,
  • Etris, d. o. o,
  • Savatech, d.o.o.,
  • Kickboxing zveza Slovenije.
Larger national and EU projects:
The members of Laboratory of Applied Mathematics and Statistics are also involved in popularizing math among young people and the organization of mathematical competitions (International Mathematical Olympiad, International Mathematical Kangaroo, Entertainment Mathematics, Logic).


Retired members

Applied Mathematics Laboratory, Tržaška 25, SI-1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
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