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Mathematics II (UNI)

Lecturer: prof. dr. Gregor Dolinar
Teaching assistants: as. dr. Andrej Perne, as. dr. Kristijan Cafuta, as. dr. Nik Stopar, as. dr. Selena Praprotnik

  • vectors and vector spaces (dot, cross and triple product),
  • analytic geometry (line and plane in 3D space, distances in 3D space),
  • matrices (determinants, inverse, rank, eigenvalues and eigenvectors),
  • systems of linear equations (Gauss method),
  • matrix equations,
  • linear transformations,
  • functional series (power series, Taylor series, Fourier series),
  • real functions with multiple variables (partial derivatives, extrema),
  • ordinary differential equations (1st order: separable variables, homogene, linear, Bernoulli's; higher order: linear with constant coefficients, Euler's),
  • systems of (1st order linear) differential equations.


Laboratory exercises (Wolfram Mathematica)
Every 2nd week!
– Monday at 3 p.m. in P5
– Tuesday at 4. p.m. in P5

Office hours (teaching assistants)
  • Andrej Perne (office A307): Wednesday at 12 a.m. (
  • Melita Hajdinjak (office A307): Thursday at 11 a.m. (
  • Tomislav Žitko (office AS105): by appointment via e-mail (
  • Kristijan Cafuta (office AS105): by appointment via e-mail (

Dates of the exams
    There are no exams at the moment.

News (in Slovene)
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